Posted on 11/20/2022
Tags: Art
Here's a collection of trippy art from various corners of the internet. Some is generated with the help of neural networks. Some is human-made.

AI-Generated Animations

This technique may have started with Deep Dream from Google (code).

The gist of this technique: a neural network that's trained on images can be used to generate images. Iteratively generate images that are related to each other to create animations.

I'm taking artistic license in titling some of these examples. Many of these were generated using pytti by @sportsracer48. Some of the artists added music which you can hear in their tweets or if you view these mp4 files directly.

Lunar Tiger

by @tsinrong

Eyes Go Funny

by @NerdyRodent

Aztec Ruins

by @tom_furse

New Growth Rotation

by @ArcadeKodiak


by @MagIntArt

mornings I used to remember

by @AustiinArt

The Prismatic Desert

by @Somnai_dreams

Dreams of Ecology

by Michail Rybakov

A Village For Paul Signac

by Michail Rybakov

Henri Matisse's Home

by Michail Rybakov

Marc Chagall's Home

by Michail Rybakov

Octopus Hugging a Tree

by Michail Rybakov

Zooming Art

The art in this section is generally human-made without the use of neural networks. I'm only showing a still image for each entry here -- you need to visit each one to see its mesmerizing effect. I love that these perfectly loop back to the beginning.


by Nikolaus Baumgarten (backup)

Zoomquilt 2

by Nikolaus Baumgarten (backup)


by Nikolaus Baumgarten and Sophia Schomberg (backup)


by Sophia Schomberg (backup)

Infinite Zoom

by Nikolaus Baumgarten (backup)

Zooming Mandelbrot

by Jason McGhee (backup)

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