Posted on 3/25/2020
Tags: Programming, Interactive Fiction
Text adventures, also known as interactive fiction, are fun text-only computer games that give me a lot of nostalgia.

I recently read a cool website that shows how to incrementally write your own text adventure:


(An older version can be found here)

I like this website because:

- It's written simply and clearly

- It exposes the reader to a bunch of useful concepts in a practical context
    - Text adventures
    - C programming
    - Simple data structures
    - Text parsing
    - AWK and Domain-specific languages
    - make files
    - Generating a graph using Graphviz
    - Automated testing

- It serves as a launching point for learning these topics in depth

- It demonstrates how to incrementally build a more complicated program from a simple one that works

- The subject is fun

This tutorial can serve as a great example for other types of online textbooks.