Posted on 11/2/2020
Tags: Leisure
Many years ago, I stumbled upon some cool personal websites made by software engineers back in the 1990s/early-2000s.

I liked the websites because they shared interesting projects, essays, stories, and pictures. Some of them peppered in personality and humor unique to the author.

In a way, they inspired me to eventually make this website.

A simple yet intruiging post was about clamps. You can find my backup of the page here.

It's got some humor (including that poor Pillsbury doughboy) and it opened my eyes to how handy clamps can be around the home and office. (By the way, I also find binder clips and zip ties to be useful fasteners for quick projects/fixes!)

This is a glimpse into a more fun era of the web.

The author eventually took the website down and replaced it with a much more professional one. Normally I would give full attribution but since he removed all the content, I decided to scrub his full name and web address from this post and my backup of the page. I'm assuming he intentionally wants to have a less personal presence on the web. (Drew, if you want attribution or want me to remove this post, please let me know via GitHub.)